Sarah’s story.

I first notified my Dad of my unique plans for emancipating the human heart long before I was born.

Things happened in the “before life” as well as the “afterlife.” Or should we say… the “between all these lives.”

The illusion bust.
Actual reality dropped.
My Dad temporarily left here and returned to where I was waiting.
One afternoon while working in the mountains of British Columbia, my Dad looked up and saw a boulder sliding toward him. It was moving so fast he had no time to escape it. Falling onto his back, the boulder pinned him to the ground in a space within the earth that fit his body.
Allowing the boulder to sit on him, but not crush him.
As if it was made for him.
Pinned under the rock he began to float above his body. The crew trying to save him below. He moved toward a bright… compelling light.
Several hours later, in what only felt like a moment to him. He came back. And once again looked out at the scene. No longer a bird’s eye view. He was back, being freed of the boulder by the crew.
“Do you know the number of times I’ve questioned why I’m living my life? What’s the point? What’s the reason? Why the hell am I here? And then I remember that day on the railroad.”
My Dad reflected with me one day over a cup of coffee. My knowing had nudged me to inquire deeper with him about that day and the cosmic moment we shared before my incarnation. Some experiences are just too profound to find the words to express or relay them. But I knew our energetic exchange sat deeply with him. A remembering of love.
“I don’t know if it is you, or your sister, but one of you will create big impact in this world. Something powerful. This lifetime you’ll access unusual gifts… or sometimes you’ll find it a curse. But it’s there and will change all things for many people. Its the only way I justfiy life after I came back sometimes. The light beings told me. You must be a father. Return.” 
Where I come from there are no secrets. Because everyone can see. That means everything is love and understanding is the only forgiveness ever required. Where I come from, the heart leads. And the mind in its potency, follows. Words aren’t required because the heart space moves faster anyways. Where I come from, sent me here to connect this world. To bring truth and expansion, through my very frequency of being, to this earth experience so you may evoke your own remembering.
I am here for this.
My life’s work is dedicated to contributing to a rise in consciousness. To usher in something completely new.
And… to have one hell of a good time while doing it.


Sarah's offerings

I recommended Sarah to a dear friend and after their first session my friend called me and said, “Well that call was easily worth $25,000.” (Surely not what she paid for it.) I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Sarah for months, and now my friend is experiencing her own expansion through this work. Sarah’s process is truly transformative. She helped me find peace in trusting my heart, and this knowing has impacted every single aspect of my life.

M. Los Angeles, United States
CEO, Author & Speaker

Sarah is an unconventional business coach, in the way that I might not even call her a business coach – or a coach at all. She helps my portfolio CEOs create the seemingly impossible. She ignites people and helps them totally transform themselves and their businesses. She only works with extraordinary CEOs who are championing a new dimension, a new reality, a new paradigm shift. She coaches people who break the mold of conventional innovation even in cities like San Francisco that homes unconventional innovators.

Chief Investment Officer
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