Sarah. Is truly. A born magician.

Sarah is an unconventional business coach, in the way that I might not even call her a business coach – or a coach at all. She helps my portfolio CEOs create the seemingly impossible. She ignites people and helps them totally transform themselves and their businesses. She only works with extraordinary CEOs who are championing a new dimension, a new reality, a new paradigm shift. She coaches people who break the mould of conventional innovation even in cities like San Francisco that homes unconventional innovators.

Chief Investment Officer

Sarah is not just good, she is SPOOKY good. Talking to her is a feeling of having the deepest recesses of my heart—fears and desires—articulated to me. And then we work through them energetically and logistically. I’ve recommended her sessions to everyone I know who’s looking for support that’s beyond business-as-usual coaching or therapy.

M. Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Dance, Textiles, Voice, Writing

I’ve worked with Sarah over the last few years. I know I can count on her guidance when I require the space to unravel and re-align. Within 20 minutes, the stuck energy is gone and I’m in a whole new reality.

S. Los Angeles, USA
Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder

I recommended Sarah to a dear friend and after their first session my friend called me and said, “Well that call was easily worth $25,000.” (Surely not what she paid for it.) I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Sarah for months, and now my friend is experiencing her own expansion through this work. Sarah’s process is truly transformative. She helped me find peace in trusting my heart, and this knowing has impacted every single aspect of my life.

M. Los Angeles, United States
CEO, Author & Speaker

Sarah — you are the OG healer of your industry. A psychic, a healer and guide for the soul, heart and energy. You say it like it is, direct, from heart, and you’re never caught-up in the noise of this reality. Pure, straight, life-changing magic and continued life support!

N. Boston, United States
Celebrity Make-up Artist

Sarah has helped me as I build and grow in my own career. Last year, shortly before I created the opportunity to work with Oprah Winfrey, she mentioned she could see some upcoming “magic” in my energy during one of our sessions! Sarah is non judgemental in the work that she does, is attentive and values what each client is going through. In short, she helps you get out of your own way!


I have you to thank for the tools to get through these bumps with a higher connection. You’ve made a tremendous difference … I don’t know if I’ve fully expressed this to you … your wisdom whispers in my ear. A lot! LOL! You’re a true Shaman. Mystical in all ways. I said before, there’s always a resonance that stays weeks later after we connect. It’s truly magical.

Podcast Host, Transformational Guide & Healer

The opening up and deepening of heart you guided me in really has touched so many other people because it changed the way I am in the world.


Thank you so much, Sarah. The shifts are just… I don’t even know how to characterize it. It is totally off the charts. My therapist was in awe today with my transformation after one session with you.

Entrepreneur, Journalist and Health Activist

Your impact is resonating, like an infinite echo. I’ve got ideas and creativity flowing like a magical waterfall now. All things are possible! With gratitude.

T. Toronto, Canada
Podcast Host, Transformational Guide & Healer

Sarah it was so nice to reconnect after all these months and be nudged back to heart on our call. I just love your perspective on things and the way you approach life. I feel I’ve done so many things because of those little nudges from you. So many people in my life having opinions and comments that just left me in a broken daze… and then I think of all the shit you helped me navigate… intense emotions around friends and family and just making life decisions. I felt paralyzed and in a rage and so lost but you just helped me navigate all of that. I was reminded of all of that today on our call.


In one session we cleared trauma from 9/11 that I hadn’t been able to shake or heal with my therapist over ten years of working with him. I worked with Sarah after a heartache I experienced. It is because of the soul work she helped me access and her tools for greater awareness, that I am able to create greater abundance, joy and love in my life today.


The work I did with Sarah over three months had a greater impact and created more healing and awareness for me than the weekly sessions I had with my therapist for over a period of a year. I was guided to work with Sarah after my husband suddenly died. Her gentle guidance served as a re-awakening for my soul through the grief, and helped me align with my highest purpose and come back home to my heart.


Sarah is a beautifully unique healer and teacher. I discovered her at a time when I was very happy with my life. But my heart felt like it had some unexplored hurt that needed attention. Sarah worked with me as a guide, an intuitive, a questioner, and helped me find my own knowing, unpacking layers of history and gently feeling the impact they were having on me. It was truly a miraculous experience. One that I’m so very grateful for. One that I had the power to do but needed Sarah and her sensitivity and insight to bring me to a more full feeling, open hearted realization of myself and, as she would say, “the magic that I be”. What an amazing gift!

This helped me in ways so far beyond relationships. I didn’t know the power of the work that we would do together. The trauma from my previous relationships was still in me even though I felt resolved about many aspects of them. Working with Sarah, and feeling through the hidden places of this trauma as well as past life, past spirit, past ‘being’ trauma and experiences, opened me up to a blissful love. A love free of fear and expectation, one that I could just ride the beautiful energy of from beginning to end. Safe in the knowledge of my heart, my place, my beauty, my specialness and my love. I wish for anyone whose heart is calling out, or even murmuring, to be able to experience the sense of awe and peace that working with Sarah has brought to my life.


Sarah is a truly exceptional healer, guide and lion-hearted soul. Her sessions are playful, provocative and full of love. She’s never afraid to ask me tough questions, and the way she gently challenges me is exactly what helps me to grow. It’s also what helps me move into the heart of the matter, so that I can make a change and find a new path forward. After my sessions with Sarah, I always walk away with a lightness of being.

Working with Sarah after my divorce was what truly guided me to change my life, heal my soul and re-awaken my heart. Her sessions helped me shift away from the feelings of heaviness and stuck-ness that were closing me off and shutting me down, and shift me into sensations of lightness, openness and possibility instead. That transformation is the energy that finally unlocked my heart, and enabled me to move forward in life and love at a time when I really thought I’d never move on.

Sarah helped me remember what it’s like to live in big love and possibility, and for that, I’m forever grateful.


I came across Sarah’s work on a dreary winter morning. I was obsessively searching the internet for ‘How to get over a breakup’ days after my heart was broken into tiny microscopic pieces. After having been through 2 divorces by 30 (just like Ross from Friends) I wasn’t emotionally equipped to handle another abrupt termination of what I thought was love.

I didn’t know where working with Sarah would take me. I went in with no expectations or projections.

From the first breakthrough call, I felt a connection with her. She saw me. All my grit and resilience. All my scars and deep seated wounds. And she guided me through the practice of addressing those wounds and healing them.

This work is not a quick fix. This work did not change the environment around me. It changed how I process events and respond to them.

This quote by Cynthia Occelli sums it all up!

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.”


I had the pleasure of being introduced to Sarah early in 2019 and I knew right away that I wanted (needed!) to work with her. I had the privilege of working with her later that same year through her 1:1 sessions, and it is no understatement to say that it completely transformed my life. Sarah is so intuitive, so soulful and such a beautifully kind and supportive human being. She zeroes in on exactly what is troubling your soul and stands by your side to help you to release anything that isn’t serving you in your highest good. She creates a safe space for you – this wonderfully loving and warm incubator – as you journey together towards your healing. She encourages you every step of the way and celebrates every single glorious WIN with you. I use her tools daily, and I reflect on our conversations and her teachings all the time. Since childhood, I’d known that I’d been playing small on the athletic field of life and Sarah expertly showed me that there’s so much more to be had. She has instilled a peacefulness and tranquility within my soul that I never knew existed. At the same time, I am also braver, fiercer and more divine than I ever dreamt possible. Sarah, you and your beautiful gifts are a gift in my life and I am forever grateful for the work that we’ve done together (and will continue doing together in 2020!!)


I haven’t felt this inspired to dig deep in all of my life. This is the medicine that I’ve been searching for. When I can be still and check in with my heart, I really notice a positive difference in how I feel about myself, and all the possibilities in life. I’ve noticed that when I check-in to Sarah’s offerings and watch the videos I get a spark and gain some momentum. When I don’t have that visual/spoken or written inspiration, I seem to get lost in thinking and tangents. I am so grateful for you!


Every time I connect with Sarah I gain clarity and insight. She shows up in such a loving way and really LISTENS. As a result of my sessions with her, I couldn’t help but realize where I was blocking my intuition and holding myself back. If you’re looking for a loving nudge to step into your power and own your truth, I can’t recommend her enough!


Sarah in the most supportive way, teaches you how to feel with your heart. It’s not always easy to feel or make decisions from our hearts. We have all had our share of hurts or our egos/society get in the way. Sarah has taught me the skills to be able to use my heart on a daily basis. An invaluable skill that I could never put a price on. Sarah, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Energy Healer & Intuitive Personal Trainer

I was reading a book the other day that asked the question, “if you had a million dollars what would you choose to do as a contribution toward your goal?” My first thought was, to do another mentorship with Sarah!

Energy Healer & Intuitive Personal Trainer

This work is really cool, even in the first week of working together, I noticed so many shifts in how I was treating my clients and how much sharper my intuition became. I’m also understanding and embodying what it means to be an invitation. When I shift my energy and my intention, the world around me, including clients and my personal relationships, show-up differently.

Thank you Sarah, for your clarity and insight in our session together.
I love the space that you create when our energies come together to co create, clear vision of what is needed to move forward in my business and life. You take me to a place where I can see more possibilities and that I am capable of so much more potential. You take me to new heights and I can see the world in which I want to exist in now, which is magical. Thank you for the gift of Magic. 
Blessings to You! 

I slept like a log after our session. I feel like a million bucks. I have had so much energy and have been sleeping well, I feel much lighter. Does this normally happen with your clients? You are magic! This is an incredible gift, thank you Sarah.

N. Kelowna, Canada
Communications Professional

I just wanted to share that I’ve used some of the tools you gave me since our session yesterday and my hip pain is practically gone!!! Today is the first day I’ve been able to get in and out of my car without a struggle… simply walking is a blessing. I love what you do!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Bless your soul.

J. Kelowna, Canada

I want to thank you again for all your love and guidance after my best friend died. A lot of those conversations we had still come to mind almost daily and I owe much of my new relationship with spirit, death, and ultimately life, to you. This upcoming road trip to tie up some estate stuff for him will include some tears for sure, but I know he will be along for the ride the whole way and I’ll have a piece of you in my heart as well Sarah Woods. So thank you for that.

K. Squamish, CANADA
Writer, Speaker & Filmmaker
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