I see you.

There’s a deep pain and dissatisfaction when you’re impriosoned by the shoulds and supposed-tos. You know, all those things you do, say and commit to, because you feel like you have to. Deep down you feel within you there’s another way, but you don’t know the path. You keep asking how, and stay stuck in that energy. So you silently struggle within, hoping something will shift and change while ignoring what your soul is truly calling for. Damn, it starts to get uncomfortable, doesn’t it? You lean on the sentiment of one-day or someday you’ll get around to listening to those whispers. If you just had a little more money, or you were a little skinner or you could change this or that, then you could begin. Then, you could be all of who you are. So, each day that passes, you buy more lies to keep yourself stuck while your heart feels a future far greater than the mind could ever imagine.

What if you could choose your soul? What if someone gave you a way? Would you like to dance in the possibility that something greater is available to you? Doesn’t smashing those paradigms and living in your own personal freedom and following your own knowing feel a hell of a lot lighter?!

I know a way…


My spiritual journey and pursuit of all things woo-woo began as a dance within. I started asking big life questions – why am I here? What is love? What’s the point of this all? I was desiring to understand the pain and dissatisfaction I felt in my life. I craved a personal freedom I couldn’t find outside of myself and was determined to live in greater possibility.

My heart showed me a way. 

In my early twenties I began to access my sensitivity and cultivate my skill with energy. Something I had, in many ways, been scared of since I was a child. My potency was masked with fear and insecurity and I ended up living in so much wrongness about myself. I now know, it is a natural remembering we all have – to tap into our sixth sense, our intuitive and psychic knowing.

I began working with an intuitive healer who opened doors and showed me the healing and opportunity available through this work. I began to understand and come home to myself. My passion and curiosity evolved as I studied various modalities and I worked with a psychic medium to master my potency with spirits and understand the skills I was fine tuning as an instrument for the soul.

After years of pursuing a corporate career, realizing my desire to be in service, help and heal, would only be achieved as an entrepreneur, I set off on my own as an intuitive healer and writer. 

My journey took me to Chile, where I met and worked with a Shaman who helped me understand the nature of my body without my mind. I’ve written about my magical journey meeting and working with her. One day, I will share this with the world. But for now, her wisdom and what she shared with me in our sacred dojo conversations, carry with me every day in my personal and professional work. As I continue to explore my own spiritual journey as a healer. And, as I help my clients along their way. 

I have danced in possibility around the world while writing and working with my clients. Often I don’t know where I’m going until I get to wherever the energy takes me. In full expression of my adventurous spirit, not only living that personal freedom I once so desperately craved, but creating beyond what I could ever imagine possible. In co-creation with my soul and the divine. From a magical village in Spain where they call me Sarita to skiing the wise mountains in Canada, I’ve not only found my way, but a way I now share with others. 

I speak and serve through my spiritual experience and understanding of spiritual law. I believe our future will be created through the heart. And, that we no longer are required to heal through the wound, but can access far greater for ourselves, and consciousness, when we pursue our creations and heal along the way. I’m honoured to work with beautiful souls who dare to navigate transformational waters in pursuit of the light, in pursuit of their soul’s desires, and in pursuit of their heart’s knowing. 





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