What are you here to remember?


Calling all big hearts… what if there’s nothing to seek? It’s all a remembering. In your case – it’s an effortless return to heart, and your infinite spark, that will allow you to be in your infinite expression and creation of this heaven on earth. That’s what you’re here for, isn’t it? An incredible change to what you currently see this reality choosing and creating? A heaven on earth where we’re in unity, heart, expansion and benevolent creation?

It begins with you – and every choice you be. Yet often, it’s because of how aware you be, that you get caught-up in the story, or the choices of the 3D world, that keeps you separated from your infinite self.

What if you didn’t have to separate yourself to feel apart of something greater, but to simply trust your way of remembering, even if it feels uncomfortable at times?

What if now is the time to honour your wholeness and be in gratitude for the contribution you be, in simply remembering your infinite self? 

What if your remembering, is the greatest gift you be to this consciousness? 

What are you making wrong about your remembering, that’s keeping your from your infinite expression?

What are you here to remember? Allow this call (posted above) to be an invitation for you to remember your infinite expression and release anything that’s requiring purification for you to be in your highest truth. And, if it lights you up and you’d like to engage further, consider joining my membership.

Join Colleagues and Consciousness to be part of this shift.

It’s a no chit-chat zone, where you get to dance in your own journey in a loving container held by me, amongst other Colleagues in Consciousness. Practical tools and instant clearing, I like to think of it as one of the best ways to accelerate your creations, purify and embody your infinite expression.

Big love, Sarah

As within, so without

When creating global change, the shifts actually begin with your being. A shift in the foundation in which you, as a leader, are creating from in order to usher in the change you’re here to witness and lead on a collective scale.

We can’t end slavery in a paradigm that is still perpetuating it, still being it. Once the hidden is brought into consciousness, the beliefs and systems within that are creating such worlds, can then be shattered and released for higher perspective and understanding. It is the call of the internal landscape of the leader, and the answer to go within, that creates this shift.

It’s a magnificent dance, yet there is no prescription for such a leader, only a foundation. The foundation is peace.

How can peace be achieved on a global scale if you, the leader, do not access peace yourself?

The simple question of, “what is peace?” acknowledges an inner journey of greater awareness to truly create within, what everyone thinks they’re creating in the doing this reality is so addicted to.

Where is the doing coming from?

Are you creating from suffering to end suffering?

Are you creating from chaos to bring peace?

Are you creating from lack to create wealth?

The peace of creation calls on your heart to access the future it feels, and understand what is required within to master first, so it becomes reality.

As within, so without.

What addictions to the current game of business are you feeding that are perpetuating these global crimes and dysfunctions?

What daily choices are you making that mirror the very causes you are advocating for change through your business?

What power are you denying within you, that actually has the capacity to change it all with one new choice?

This internal work will challenge you. The call of the infinite self to come home to its brilliance is going to evoke within you healing, chaos and change. Your creation, the pursuit of the wild of your heart, is going to show you through its conception, birth and growth, all the ways you as its leader, are not claiming your wholeness. And, all the ways you are upholding the very system you wish to transcend.




Where is the game, the business, the system, leading your choices as a leader rather than showing you the ways within yourself that are required to evolve?

What are you choosing today to shift the landscape within you, so your business or creation can lead a new way?

These ugly aspects of our collective being can’t change when we are in judgment of them. That’s where the heart comes in – a loving space that doesn’t create in right or wrong, good or bad. Its frequency has the ability to transcend the ugly through understanding, a gift in evolution that the heart is here to usher in.

This power is within you, and the hearts of those you lead. The hearts of those employees, partners and consumers who have an out-of-this-world capability to be love, and hold a space of love, without judgment.

Perhaps you, reading this, are that being.

They blanket every aspect of society – holding the integrity of heart in all they do. Likely, not even recognizing their profound contribution to shifting consciousness. Often, holding the integrity of heart even when their leaders don’t know how.

It’s how the waves of change are created. When we work together in our individual brilliance recognizing, like ripples in the ocean, we’re all playing an integral role without separation from one another in the game of life.

The peace of creation knows no wrongness, only a way. And that way begins with your journey as a leader, uncovering within you the lies you’ve bought as truth, and releasing the fragments of a broken system you are holding as your foundation.

From a foundation of peace, is where the leader accesses true power and possibility. Available in every moment, for it is our existence, our natural blueprint of heart, that we are being called to come home to.

Sarah is an unconventional coach, healer and truth seer. She has a remarkable ability to hold a space for profound and instant transformation. Known to some clients as a silent executive and heart energy coach, Sarah plays an integral role in the infrastructure of the global change these leaders are ushering in.

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