Calling all big hearts… what if there’s nothing to seek? It’s all a remembering. In your case – it’s an effortless return to heart, and your infinite spark, that will allow you to be in your infinite expression and creation of this heaven on earth. That’s what you’re here for, isn’t it? An incredible change to what you currently see this reality choosing and creating? A heaven on earth where we’re in unity, heart, expansion and benevolent creation?

It begins with you – and every choice you be. Yet often, it’s because of how aware you be, that you get caught-up in the story, or the choices of the 3D world, that keeps you separated from your infinite self.

What if you didn’t have to separate yourself to feel apart of something greater, but to simply trust your way of remembering, even if it feels uncomfortable at times?

What if now is the time to honour your wholeness and be in gratitude for the contribution you be, in simply remembering your infinite self? 

What if your remembering, is the greatest gift you be to this consciousness? 

What are you making wrong about your remembering, that’s keeping your from your infinite expression?

What are you here to remember? Allow this call (posted above) to be an invitation for you to remember your infinite expression and release anything that’s requiring purification for you to be in your highest truth. And, if it lights you up and you’d like to engage further, consider joining my membership.

Join Colleagues and Consciousness to be part of this shift.

It’s a no chit-chat zone, where you get to dance in your own journey in a loving container held by me, amongst other Colleagues in Consciousness. Practical tools and instant clearing, I like to think of it as one of the best ways to accelerate your creations, purify and embody your infinite expression.

Big love, Sarah