Where Mastery Unites in Co-Creation

You don’t need me to tell you what your brilliance is. You already be it. You’re deeply rooted in your knowing and at the top of your game. Abundant and masterful, yet you know something else is possible and you’re calling in a guide who can help you navigate your next level of success and greater consciousness.

  • You’re looking for carefully curated support and guidance to expand to greater spaces, and assistance in addressing the blocks, discomfort and the unknown within, with ease and effortlessness. You know you can’t do this alone. And that’s one of your strengths. 
  • You like to get to the root of things quickly while understanding the importance of integrating, being mindful and pausing. 

  • You’re focused, elite and driven with a deep respect for the flow, trust and stillness required to make it all happen. 

  • You know you’re here to do the impossible and are willing to be uncomfortable for the expansion required to make it happen. 

  • You’re efficient and impactful, and know when you’re off-balance or require assistance to sink into deeper alignment. 

  • The current structures of this reality, and its limitations, don’t phase you. You’re willing to go beyond structure and require help along your way. 

  • You have a strong mind that likes to lead but you’re also very wise, and know the head must bow down to the heart to be masterful. 

  • You’re intentional with how you live, work and play. And, know how to have a laugh to enjoy the pearls of beautiful life school. 

  • You know mindset isn’t enough and are aware there’s some “stuff” within you that hasn’t been explored because it feels vast and difficult to charter alone. Yet you recognize unlocking the fears, blocks and pain will grant you the very things you’re creating. 

If you're nodding your head, feel your heart light up and know this is what you've been calling in, chances are, we're soulfully connected to be in co-creation.

  • I’m masterful at getting to the heart of the matter with love, kindness and no judgement. 

  • I know no limits of this reality’s structure, can see beyond the known and have brilliant tools and skills to guide you deep within the infinite.

  • I don’t dance around what my client’s require, but hold a space as an instrument for the soul and command you into your knowing with fierce commitment so you can excel beyond your already stellar performance. 

  • While many of my clients call me “sweet Sarah,” they honour my natural ability to transform with laser-sharp intuition that is kind, but not always comfortable, to navigate. 

  • I’ve gone from boardroom to entrepreneur by way of masterful training with some of the best teachers, and participated in beautiful life school where I’ve never backed down from a tough lesson.

  • I work outside of the box. Raw-raw inspiration isn’t my jam and I know mindset and motivation isn’t enough for the change my clients are seeking. I’m incredibly grounded as a energy master and intuitive guide, I’ll take you beyond to create realities that defy the expectations of others.

  • I’m not into quick-fixes, but know the magic and power of miracles and instant shifts. I deeply honour the soul and I’m committed to creating the sacred space required for transformation, lasting shifts and incredible ripples of change.

Bottom line - we’re both looking to create beyond, believe in the impossible and are looking for a long-term commitment in our business relationship.

If this sounds like you, please apply by clicking the button below.


Sarah is a truly exceptional healer, guide and lion-hearted soul. Her sessions are playful, provocative and full of love. She’s never afraid to ask me tough questions, and the way she gently challenges me is exactly what helps me to grow. It’s also what helps me move into the heart of the matter, so that I can make a change and find a new path forward. After my sessions with Sarah, I always walk away with a lightness of being.


Sarah has helped me as I build and grow in my own career. Last year, shortly before I was given the opportunity to work with Oprah Winfrey, she mentioned she could see some upcoming “magic” in my energy during one of our sessions! Sarah is non judgemental in the work that she does, is attentive and values what each client is going through. In short, she helps you get out of your own way!


Sarah helped me remember what it’s like to live in big love and possibility, and for that, I’m forever grateful.


I want to thank you again for all your love and guidance after my best friend died. A lot of those conversations we had still come to mind almost daily and I owe much of my new relationship with spirit, death, and ultimately life, to you. This upcoming road trip to tie up some estate stuff for him will include some tears for sure, but I know he will be along for the ride the whole way and I’ll have a piece of you in my heart as well Sarah Woods. So thank you for that


I feel so much lighter today, I could cry happy tears. I don’t know what moved yesterday, but yessssssss. My ex texted after our call and for the first time in a long time I felt confident in being me and held that space for myself. And he wanted more. But my heart isn’t ready to give him more. And I’m trust that. Thank you for working with me yesterday. Thank you for helping me receive the truth on our connection and release what no longer serves me. I ended our text conversation for the first time since we broke up. I put an end to it with confidence. I stood firmly in my knowing and didn’t over share or allow him to name call or push his opinions on me


Having Sarah in my orbit has changed my life. Since the moment I met her, her spiritual guidance and natural ability to hold the space for personal transformation and healing has blown me away. She was born to this work in the world and her knowledge, wisdom and strong intuition has helped me become more aligned with myself whenever we connect. The biggest personal breakthrough she helped me realize, was the unconscious expectations that I was placing on the manifestation of my dreams and goals in life. With Sarah in my life, I was able to let go of those expectations and truly allow the universe to delight me in ways I didn’t eve know were possible. She is comforting, loving, kind and connected. She is the human embodiment of healing.”


I have absolutely loved all the work Sarah has so graciously assisted for me. By no means, do not judge this tiny, beautiful soul, she is a force to be reckoned with. A truly gifted lady, I will forever be grateful, she is a master healer.


My heart feels at peace. Endless thank yous.


Sarah is full of kindness, wisdom and joy. She is one of the few people I’ve met who immediately made an incredibly positive impact on my life.


The help Sarah has given me over the last six months has been life change, I really appreciate her.


I feel like our session was exactly what I needed to help bring clarity, comfort and peace of mind during my life’s transitions taking place. I feel much more grounded.

Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer
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